Simple Tips to Keep Heat in Your Home

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Here are a couple of tips to help keep the winter cold where it belongs–outside!

1) Keep curtains, drapes, and blinds closed. You would be amazed at how this simple tip will affect your utility bills. Windows are one of the bigest areas for heat loss in your home, so keepoing blindsand curtains closed will be a simple, cost-free, and efective energy saver.

2) Change you filters monthly–This is the most important DIY tip in the HVAC industry. Clogged filters not only cause higher utility bills, they put strain on your HVAC system, causing premature part failure. You don’t need anything fancy, the poly filters that run about a dollar will do the trick. In this case it’s quantity over quality…frequently changing cheap filters is far more effective than infrequently changing high-dollar filters.

3) When you arrange your furniture, make sure that all wall and floor grills have plenty of room to “breathe.” Allow about a foot of space aorund every filter so that they can effectively draw or expel air, depending on their function.

4) Keep outdoor unit free fo debris. Air is drawn into your home via the outdoor unit, and the contant air suction can cause the unit to become clogged with leaves, pet hair, etc. During warmer weather, it is OK to lightly spray the unit’s coil (make sure it isa LIGHT spray), and in colder temps carefully removes larger items such as leaves manually. The unit’s coil has delicate and exremely sharo fins, so use gloves and proceed with extreme caution.

See more DIY tips at!


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