The Dirty Little Secret of HVAC – Two Bucks WILL Save You Thousands

Posted: September 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hello and welcome to Comfort Heating & Cooling’s blog o’ the month….the topic today is one we have preached on many times, and will keep on preaching till we run out of breath–filter changing. A couple of dollars will quite literally save you thousands of dollars.

We run a staggering number of service calls in which major, costly repairs are needed, along with calls where we find the customer has a dead unit….all because the homeowner did not invest in monthly filter changes. Two dollars a month is all it takes, and it’s so very critical.

Why? Your HVAC unit is a lot like your body–it needs air to function. Think of what happens when you can’t breathe (those with asthma will really know what this feels like). You get light-heated, your blood pressure rises…extended periods with little to no air will result in unconsciousness, even death. It’s the same with your HVAC system–it’s constantly pulling in air, and the dirtier your filters get the harder your system works to get the air it needs. The strain this places on all your components is tremendous. Give it enough time and motors start failing. Compressors burn out. Systems fail. Add to the mix the fact that a dirty filter will start allowing debris through to your system. If you follow the journey air takes through your system, you will find that air passes through your return air grill and the next stop if the evaporator coil in your air handler. This is the heart and soul of the indoor unit and it has thin, delicate fins. Allowing dirt on this coil would be like breathing in a pile of dirt–your lungs are the next stop in the journey through your body, and you definitely don’t want dirt in your lungs!

You don’t need a fancy filter. In fact some of the most expensive filters out there (those with such things as deodorizers) can actually act like a dirty filter. Just invest in cheap poly filters and change them AT LEAST every three months. Monthly is really ideal, particularly in homes with pets.

Invest a couple of dollars and save yourself thousands.

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