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Your HVAC system got you through the winter–is it ready for the summer?  Sprintime is the best time to get your heat pump or AC checked out.  Remember–just as your vehicle needs routine maintenance, so too does your HVAC system–particularly since it runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Imagine how much maintenance your car would need if it ran under those conditions! 

Make sure your filters are changed–it’s amazing how much damage can come from a dirty filter.  Changing your filters once a month will save you thousands of dollars in needless repairs, and ensure that your system runs to its full lifespan.  Check your outdoor unit and confirm that there is no debris (leaves, dirt, pet hair, etc.) clogging the coil.  The outdoor unit needs room to breathe–preferabley a foot of clearance from fencing or any other obstructions.

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